The Host Edit

I'm known under more than one alias, but the one I use to host is iAsianCamel. I play Survivor Online Games since 2005. I was so young at the time and I could barely speak English, such good memories. What makes me love these games is that two games are never the same, and you always meet new people. That must be why I've never stopped playing. Also, you always have this goal to win again... and again, and again to try and have more victories under your belt! It never ends! I eventually took the next step when I decided to host games by myself. I've hosted more than 12 games, but I lost the count. They weren't the biggest success, but I took a lesson from each one of them to become better and better. I believe that by now, I am a well-formed host, and I'm probably a better host than a player by now. I like to see my players struggle, battle it out, speculate, etc. I also did play a few Big Brother Games but I'm more a fan of Survivor, actually.

It's also important to know that I am a casual host. When I host, I'm into it, I am very active, and I finish my games, but I can take long breaks before hosting again, because I need that to boost my motivation to host something fun. This is what I mean by 'casual'. On a personal level, I'm from Quebec (a french province of Canada), so my main language is not English, but French. I'm Male and 23 years old as of 2015.

My Games Edit

This is the listing of my games :

Survivor Saga SeriesEdit

1. Survivor: Indonesia "Papua"

2. Survivor: Kiribati

3. Survivor: Ethiopia

Other GamesEdit

Conqueror: Greece

  • Please note that I only started to keep track of my games since Survivor Saga Series.